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Видео плеер DVDFab Player Ultra 6.1 RUS

Автор ruslangxp, 17 сентября 2013, 11:20:40

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ruslangxpАвтор темы

Ответ #30 : 02 января 2020, 13:41:01 #30
DVDFab Player ULTRA RUS 86mb Updated!
New: Added the sort feature to manage the files in the media library.
New: Added an HDR option to the shader feature in the right-click menus.
Fix: A failure problem when deleting TV Shows from media library.
Fix: A problem that the Force HDR to SDR setting does not work.

ruslangxpАвтор темы

Ответ #31 : 11 февраля 2020, 14:01:30 #31
DVDFab Player ULTRA RUS 86mb Updated!
Fix: A problem that only audio but no video is played on certain DVDs.
Fix: A crash problem when playing adult DVD ISO files in certain cases.

ruslangxpАвтор темы

Ответ #32 : 27 февраля 2020, 13:12:58 #32
DVDFab Player ULTRA RUS 86mb Updated!
New: Added the menu playback support for some recently released movies.
New: Added the support for the resume playback feature to also remember the user-selected audio track and subtitles.
Fix: A problem that the cover image is displayed at the center of the screen when playing certain types of videos.

ruslangxpАвтор темы

Ответ #33 : 01 мая 2020, 15:02:13 #33
DVDFab Player ULTRA RUS Updated!
New: Introduced the Music Library feature to organize and manage local music collections in a smart way.
• Build your personal smart local music library
• Organize and display music by albums, artists or genres
• Auto-download metadata from major online music database
• Create, customize and manage your own playlists
• Like a song to add it to your Favorites list by one click
• Professional playback visualization effect to enrich visual experience

ruslangxpАвтор темы

Ответ #34 : 07 мая 2020, 09:25:17 #34 Последнее редактирование: 07 мая 2020, 09:29:47 от ruslangxp
DVDFab Player ULTRA RUS 90mb
New: Improved the stability of music and movie libraries.

ruslangxpАвтор темы

Ответ #35 : 14 мая 2020, 16:11:05 #35
DVDFab Player ULTRA RUS 90mb Updated!
- Музыка и Фильмы больше не доступны в Бесплатной версииNew: Improved the startup speed.
New: Improved the startup speed.
New: Improved the stability for music playback.
New: The Music and Movie Library features are no longer available in the Free version.

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