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System Mechanic Pro RUS

Автор ruslangxp, 31 января 2019, 13:22:46

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System Mechanic Pro RUS
Кардинально новый интерфейс в одном светлом стиле
New Easy-to-find Utilities
We've now packaged all of System Mechanic's utilities into five (5) clear categories
Password Manager
New Intuitive dropdowns
Keeping things tidy, each parent utility category presents a dropdown for easy access to added tools and features.
New Optimize with fewer clicks!
Many utilities can be quickly toggled on or off using the toggle button displayed within the utility window.
New Full feature visibility
Easily see which utilities are enabled or turned off from the navigation pane.

ruslangxpАвтор темы

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System Mechanic Pro RUS 60mb

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